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In recent days you probably always begin to hear bla bla io games from people around you. Let us briefly describe what these games are; these games are popular games that are being played by millions of people from all around the world. The main reason why these games are preferred this much is; they are quite easy to play and relax you without tiring your brain. Start Menu


We will provide you information about which is a kind of but ensure that you will have more fun than that game. There are of course some differences which makes the much more fun when compared with the other io modes. Again you will be a kind of snake but this time you will not get longer and longer, instead of it you will get fatter. You can eliminate other players by pressing and holding the left click of your mouse to leave traps behind you and in the event that anybody who will touch these traps will be eliminated. Play Screen

So someone who is smaller than you can even beat your during the game and this is why you may need a little bit of practice to list in the best players list. You have to try to get fatter as well as defend yourself from the traps of the other people. Lag Fix

This game is quite fun and available on any computers when you visit the from one of your browsers. In the event that you are looking for a game which will relax you as well as help you to spend some time, is one of the great ways to achieve all of these.


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