Instagram update: Instagram released Igtv, which was prepared at the end of the long run. As a competitor on the market based on YouTube I’m on this road by saying. You can now enjoy your videos in one hour with Instagram, which is a very popular application for long periods of time.

Today, Instagram is about 1 billion global communities ! After being purchased by Facebook in 2010, it continues to rise every day, and now it has purchased $ 1 billion, Instagram is now $ 1 billion.

Second, Instagram has now introduced its most exciting feature to date. Instagram, who wants to share the video with celebrities, announced that he would create a separate channel for each celebrity and that his fans would know how to send the information when he shares both the video and the video through that channel.

Igtv is different in several ways. First, it’s actually built for how you use your phone, so videos are full-screen and vertical. In addition, unlike Instagram, videos are not limited to one minute. Instead, each video can take up to an hour.

We made it simple. Like turning on the TV, igtv starts playing the next time you open the app. You do not have to search to start viewing content from the people you follow on Instagram and from other people you may like to be interested in. You can quickly scroll to discover more – “for you”, “follow”, “popular” and “Watching.”” You can switch between. You can also enjoy, comment, and send your friends to direct.

Instagram will continue to increase market value and speed in social media with this trend and the new update, he said.

The Instagram will have channels available on Igtv. It brings the ability to subscribe to the channels and to create content on igtv.

Igtv’de both videos on the web and the phone can make the installation expressed. We see that you will do these opportunities in both lanes and in this process you intend to lower the reign of YouTube.

The question is, in fact, the daily billions of people like YouTube, one-click video music to follow the people who can follow the daily long-established video site can demolish ? You know, yotubeben’s only problem and shortage when you close the application or when you download the application shuts down directly. In fact, they consider it a strategy. Because when you close the site do not look at this when you are always active and you want to change the music video, etc.

Finally, We Finish It With A Message From The Founder.


Instagram has always been a place to connect with people who inspire, educate, and entertain you everyday. With your help, Igtv Instagram is starting a new chapter in the video . We hope it brings you closer to the people and things you love.
Kevin Systrom, co-founder and CEO