is a game like which is available for android and also as browser game. Sure this game looks related to but still it comes with a complete different gameplay! In you have to eat points to level up and grow your snake. Also you will have to be careful because other snakes can crash you. This way you can explode and loose! Since is a survival game you should play careful and try to survive long as possible. The difference between slither and supersnake is that in you should better not try to fight with big snakes. Snakes in supersnakeio can not only shoot a laser, they can also force you to make a crash. The bigger the snake, the higher the chance you can´t beat it! To know how to survive in this game you should not miss this walkthrough to grab some game tips! Walkthrough – How to Level up

To level up you just have to eat points which will spawn in the whole map! Also you can get points from snakes, when you hunt and kill them. When you just started with level one you should stay away from all snakes and eat every point you can find. Sometimes the feeder will get activated. If so the feeder shows you the color which you have to eat. And if you do so you get a power-up, for example a laser. There is also something like a cannon which shoots with level booster. You can loot it and get a level up. But be careful when you don’t pick it up fast enough the level booster with transform to a level stealer. When you eat the level stealer you can lose a level!

Kill Snakes in

A good walkthrough should also teach you how to kill other snakes. And this is what you can learn now. To kill other player is not hard at all. You just have to note that people can have power-ups. Also it´s tricky to kill other snakes. You can only kill or eat another player when the level is lower than yours. If so you just have to touch the other player with any part of your snake´s body. When done the other snake will explode and drop points which you can eat then to increase your level. As I told you, you have to be careful look out for power-ups. When other players got the feeder activated they can get a laser with which they can kill you. Or they get a speed boost so snakes behind you can quickly run after you. You can notice a power-up when you look at the head. If the feed is activated the snakes will have a colored point.

(different power ups will come with different effects: purple will activate a laser, blue will give you a speed boost and green will make you immortal)

Survive long as possible

This walkthrough will also teach you how you can survive long as possible. And to do so you just need a little bit of training. Now as you read the whole guide to this point you should be able to know how to level up and eat other snakes. The third very important tip for you should be to really play safe. When you see a big snake which are many levels higher then you then just go! Don’t give other snakes the chance to hunt and eat you. Maybe the snake behind you will get a speed boost and you will have no chance to run away. Also watch at the map to see spikes that could kill you. When someone is chasing you snake you could try to go around the spikes. Maybe the snake behind you will hit the spikes and die. Or another snake can come along and block or cross the way, so the player would stop to hunt you!

More about

This game is as mentioned before available for android such as iOS devices. Currently there is also a browser version available! is a multiplayer survival game in which you play a snake, have to eat points and try to survive. Also rankings are available which you can climb up! Maybe this game makes you think of slitherio but it´s only the design which is similar. The gameplay is different starting from how to kill snakes and level up! After reading the walkthrough you should be able to be a pro, and if not then just keep playing and gain experience.