Note: currently can be played only on desktop platforms. Rules: You control a robot and (nickname marked with color) 4 belongs to one of the teams. 4 teams and 5 points shooting the enemies in the map to capture and take control of the team while most of these points, the aim is to help. You will gain XP by capturing points and killing enemies and you can spend to buy useful upgrades. Small cabin repair damaged robots can be fixed on the corners of the map.

1. Use D to move the robot W, A, S, keys. 2. Aim with the mouse cursor. 3. Left with left and right mouse buttons to the right of the fire. 4. Space sprint. 5. Press the SPACEBAR to activate the shield. 6. Press B to open the shop menu. 7. Press the Esc key sound/full screen/change quality settings. Robot storm.IO Tips – Don’t forget to repair. – If you forget to buy upgrades. – Remember to use a gun. – Try different weapons. – The enemy close-up of a rifle is more efficient. – Grenades bounce off walls and indirect kills. – Start small fires around the flame and each of them may ignite any robot. Be careful to enter your own fire. Use to slow down enemies. – You receive damage from your own explosions, so be careful with rocket launchers and grenades.