Pokemon Go cheats – availing the candies for your pokemon

Pokemon Go is one of the most interesting games that can be played by all players who love adventure, excitement and definitely love these small exciting characters called Pokemon who are all around you. Though the game is easy to play there are competitions where you need to catch more number of Pokemons.Here are some cheat as follows.

Candies for your Pokemon

More and more players are searching for ways and means of finding loopholes and Pokemon go cheats  and then bypass the protocols in the game. As most of you might know, Candy is known to be one of the most interesting and lucrative features in the game and players need to have enough stock of the same so that they can feed their Pokemons with them. There is a specific candy for each Pokemon and the candy is especially used to power up the strength of the Pokemon so that it can go ahead to the next level.

pokemon go evolution and evolution shards guide
pokemon go evolution and evolution shards guide

How to get more candies for your Pokemon

The main way to get the candy in Pokemon  Go is by catching as many Pokemons as possible. The same Pokemon can be caught as this can be exchanged for the candy to Professor Willow.In order to transfer a candy to professor Willow you would need to follow a few steps.

  • Click the Poke Ball on the top of the screen
  • Choose the Pokemon
  • Click on the duplicate Pokemon that you would like to transfer and make sure you choose the low leveled one
  • Scroll down at the bottom and enter the transfer button and select Yes
  • Once the player gets a certain amount of candy it can be exchanged with a type of Pokemon for a type of candies as well.

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Hatching more eggs to get candies

Another way to get more candies is by hatching more eggs.You can catch a Pokemon with a Poke ball and also hatch them from Pokemon eggs.All players can buy eggs to hatch, however, if you are lucky, you would get a good Pokemon for yourself.All players have an incubator for hatching eggs.and once an egg has been placed in the incubator, you would know how many kilometers you need to walk before hatching the egg.You can buy additional incubators from the Pokemon store or also receive them as gifts. Once you already have the egg

  • Click on the poke ball on the screen
  • Choose Pokemon
  • Choose the Eggs tab
  • Select an Egg
  • Start incubation
  • Select an incubator

You are completely done. There are a number of other  Pokemon Go cheats that you can find as well.