Guide to Winning the Morty Games

We’ve all been waiting for news .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . Rick and morty fall of Season 3 on July 30, 2017! While we wait with the breath of the new episode baited, we still have plenty of mobile morys to play, morys appalling additional including Morty games that bring a brand new way to force maim to each other.

Located on the Far West Side of Citadel, morty games boasts five great themed tournaments, each with limited resources, and each down to a number of morty battles that only lend to draw. To make you come back for more .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . I’m sorry .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . there’s 24 hours of cool air for each battle .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . I’m sorry .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . If you don’t spend the blip and chitz tickets.

At the end of all these battles are five brand new, exclusive mortys that have just won in morty games and have not been discovered in the wild while fighting for badges.

Morty Games Selection Strategy


Morty Games Selection Strategy

Each battle (shown in the lower left corner) has a different maximum number of points assigned to each morty or item to spend points on (shown on the right side), which means that the choice has to be strategic.

In most battles you definitely need a morty of all sorts against other mortys, with remaining points that are used in items. In a few battles, couples on other types of coaches (such as mortys with Two Scissors). These are listed in the instructor list below.

Buffs and debuffs are not useful here in general-to kill as quickly as possible, choose mortimes that have multiple attacks, and specifically choose one typewriter attack and one type of attack.

Remember to compare each morty statistic and abilities by tapping the “I” icon on the right hand side of the Far. Some mortys have the same point of value but one can have more health or attack power.

If you don’t feel like guessing or learning through trial and error, you can use our fault usage below which shows the trick and a certain cadre that each enemy trainer will be using.



Winning Morty Games

Dirty Rick (the storefront man in morty games) will stash a handful of products for 1,000 Schmeckles. This wonderful trick method is expensive, but it is often required. Enemy trainers get fresh new mortys between each battle set-but you have to continue using your corrupt old morty selection. Health is something, but if you’re out of AP, then you can also give up.

In the first round, you will see the enemy instructor briefly. If you have memorised every morty of morty, ie the first morty that will fight him or morty right behind him, you already know that you need to set your squad against the first fight.

Unlike the wild typical morty Trainer, morty game trainers go through morty mid-war screws out with your attacks. Your goal is to download the other mortys as quickly as possible, so if there is a clear imbalance in level and type, switch to get the type advantage — but if there are untapped attacks to deal with the current enemy, go ahead.

If you are not careful, you can end up with a death spiral that you are trying to change everything at every turn and just keep getting crushed along the way instead of doling out any attack back.



Morty Athletes

Below is a complete list of all the tournaments and coaches across what their morty series looks like. As long as you choose to take lianer mortys hostage .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . I’m sorry .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . you shouldn’t have any trouble winning.

Show me what’s going on.
Head Movement

War 1:

Level 10 Peace Morty (Paper)))
Level 10 Moustache Morty (Scissors)))
Level 11 Scruffy Morty Rock))
War 2:

Level 10 Blue Shirt Morty (Paper)))
11. Level Double Morty (Rock)))
Level 11 Mullet Morty (Scissors)))
War 3:

Level 12 Veiny Morty (Scissors)))
12. Level Moon Morty (Rock)))
Level 13 Old Morty (Paper)))
Morty’s Dance

War 1:

Level 14 Bad Rabbit Morty (Scissors)))
Level 15 One Eye Morty))
Level 16 Karate Morty (Rock)))
War 2:

Level 15 Triple Morty (Scissors)))
Level 16 Ghost Morty (Paper)))
Level 16 Giant Head Morty (Rock)))
War 3:

Level 19 Ghost Morty (Paper)))
Level 19 EXO-Omega Morty (Scissors)))
Level 20 Leather Morty (Scissors)))
Thank God.

War 1:

Level 30 Shadow Morty (Scissors)))
Level 30 Punk Morty Rock))
Level 30 Mascot Morty (Paper)))
War 2:

Level 30 Aqua Morty (Paper)))
Level 30 Gas Morty (Rock)))
Level 31 Robot Morty (Scissors)))
War 3:

Level 31 Mini Morty (Rock)))
Level 30 Large Language Morty (Paper)))
Level 30 Guard Morty))
Inter-Dimensional Morty-Thon 14
Morty Needs It.

War 1:

Level 16 Three Eye Morty (Paper)))
Level 17 Ad Space Morty (Paper)))
War 2:

Level 16 Flu Morty (Rock)))
Level 17 Mutant Flu Morty (Rock)))
War 3:

Level 20 Strawberry Morty (Paper)))
Level 18 Mini Morty (Rock)))
Level 19 Pizza Morty (Scissors)))
Help Morty

War 1:

Level 16 Triple Morty (Scissors)))
17. Level Reptile Morty (Scissors)))
War 2:

Level 17 Street Cat Morty (Scissors)))
Level 18 Two Cat Morty (Scissors)))
War 3:

Level 17 Punk Morty Rock))
Level 18 Greaser Morty (Rock)))
Level 19 Motorist Morty Rock))
Morty Relief

War 1:

16 No Eye Morty Paper))
Level 17 Triple Morty (Scissors)))
War 2:

Level 16 Shell Shocked Morty))
Level 17 Mystic Morty (Rock)))
War 3:

Level 16 Sports Morty (Rock)))
Level 17 Hammerhead Morty (Rock)))
Level 18 Green Shirt Morty (Paper)))
Battle 4:

Level 17 Raptor Morty (Scissors)))
Level 18 Petrified Morty (Rock)))
Jerry Group
Jerrys Game

War 1:

Level 16 Buff Morty (Rock)))
Level 17 Super Unicorn Morty (Rock)))
Level 16 Renegade Morty Rock))
War 2:

Level 16 Ad Space Morty Paper))
Level 16 Business Morty (Paper)))
Level 17 Red Shirt Morty (Paper)))
War 3:

Level 17 Unkempt Morty (Rock)))
Level 17 Great Language Morty (Paper)))
Level 17 Fork Morty (Rock)))
This Is Jerry.

War 1:

Level 18 Jerry’s morty game (paper)))
Level 18 Hipster Morty (Scissors)))
Level 18 Hippie Morty (Paper)))
War 2:

Level 19 Karate Morty (Rock)))
Level 19 Punk Morty Rock))
Level 20 Chops Morty (Scissors)))
War 3:

Level 20 Super Morty Fan Morty (Paper)))
Level 20 Multi Morty (Scissors)))
21. Level Gigantic Head Morty (Rock)))
Level 22 Pepperoni Pizza Morty (Scissors)))
Standing Up Last Year

War 1:

Level 16 Mascot Morty (Paper)))
War 2:

Level 16 Hammerhead Morty (Rock)))
War 3:

Level 16 Morticia (Untyped)))
Battle 4:

Level 16 Wizard Morty (Rock)))
Level 16 Guard Morty (Scissors)))
Level 16 Ghost Morty (Paper)))
Snowball’s Morty Competition
The best Morty of a dog

War 1:

Level 20 Two Cat Morty (Scissors)))
Level 21 Bunny Morty (Scissors)))
Level 20 Dog Morty (Scissors)))
War 2:

Level 20 Bad Rabbit Morty (Scissors)))
21. Level Werewolf Morty (Scissors)))
War 3:

Level 21 Butterfly Morty))
Level 21 Super Unicorn Morty (Rock)))
Level 22 Mortysaurs (Scissors)))
Grooming Morty

War 1:

Level 20 Unkempt Morty (Rock)))
Level 20 Eye Morty (Paper)))
Level 21 Flu Morty (Rock)))
War 2:

Level 21 Moustache Morty (Scissors)))
Level 20 V Neck Morty (Scissors)))
Level 21 Afro Morty (Scissors)))
War 3:

Level 20 Business Morty (Paper)))
Level 21 Guard Morty (Scissors)))
Level 20 Rainbow Shirt Morty (Paper))
Fancy Dress

War 1:

Level 18 Mystic Morty (Rock)))
Level 18 Cowboy Morty (Paper)))
Level 19 Moon Morty (Rock)))
War 2:

Level 20 Pocket Mortys Morty (Paper)))
Level 20 Super Morty Fan Morty (Paper)))
War 3:

Level 19 No Mercy Morty (Rock)))
Level 20 Renegade Morty Rock))
Level 20 Wrestler Morty Rock))
Mr. needful morality and virtue
Grandpa’s sins

War 1:

Level 27 Mercy Morty (Rock)))
Level 26 Hipster Morty (Scissors)))
Level 27 Rainbow Shirt Morty (Paper))
Level 25 Peace Morty (Paper)))
Level 27 Psychokinetic Morty (Scissors)))
War 2:

Level 27 Mermaid Morty (Rock)))
Level 26 Business Morty (Paper)))
Level 26 Sun Morty (Rock)))
Level 27 Dog Bite Morty (Scissors)))
Level 28 Morticia (Untyped)))
Grind Edges

War 1:

Level 25 Unkempt Morty (Rock)))
Level 28 Ancient Morty (Paper)))
Level 25 Infected Morty (Scissors)))
Level 27 Flu Morty (Rock)))
Level 27 Red Shirt Morty (Paper)))
War 2:

Level 26 Giant Head Morty (Rock)))
Level 27 Ghost Morty (Paper)))
Level 26 Motorist Morty (Rock)))
Level 26 Punk Morty (Rock)))
28. Level Parasitic Morty (Scissors)))

War 1:

Level 27 Three Eye Morty (Paper)))
Level 27 EXO-Omega Morty (Scissors)))
Level 26 Multi Morty (Scissors)))
Level 25 Mystic Morty (Rock)))
Level 27 Diamond Eyes Morty (Scissors)))
War 2:

Level 27 Sports Morty (Rock)))
Level 28 Large Language Morty (Paper)))
Level 26 Sausage Morty (Scissors)))
Level 26 Pizza Morty (Scissors)))
Level 26 Banana Morty (Paper)))
Rick Inferno

War 1:

Level 27 Business Morty (Paper)))
Rock Level 26 Boulder Morty)
Level 27 Sorceress Morty (Rock)))
Level 26 Veiny Morty (Scissors)))
Level 27 Old Morty (Paper)))
War 2:

Level 27 Ghost Morty (Paper)))
Level 28 Flame Morty (Paper)))
Level 26 Werewolf Morty (Scissors)))
Level 27 Goo Morty (Paper)))
Level 28 Skeleton Morty (Scissors)))



Morty Awards Awards

When you win a round of completing the war set in a tournament, a brutal trainer like Rick gets beaten-usually a booty sack, including schmeckles and Mega seeds or a random item.

At the end of the tournament, you can win a special prize and be skilled with a unique morty as follows:

For beating morty Show me what you got Call
Morty berry juice for defeating Multidimensional Morty-Thon 14
Jerry Fan for beating Morty Jerrys ‘ band
Exoskeleton morty for defeating snowball’s Morty
Sexy devil morty for beating Mr. needful Vice & virtue



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