Pain.The IO game has just been released recently and attracts the attention of many players from around the world more. This kind of “beginners” is a big sign for the IO game, and hopefully, it will be a successful browser-based multiplayer game just like its predecessor. Pain.IO can cause some players to remember diep.IO, however, has its own charm, unique different game styles, graphics, and features. Once online you can get addicted to playing due to various terrific confrontations with affiliate opponents, fantastic experience of using different weapons and discover each level. The game also features a lot of tank stats for players to upgrade themselves and power up. In addition, as well as real opponents, many triangles and “zombies”will hit a star-like monster called. This makes the enemy elements certainly more interesting in the game and difficult to play.

This new game is painful.IO, you can play it and enjoy it on our website for free. Check out our site and find new IO games daily. Pain.IO is an online multiplayer game where you have to control your tank and shoot with other players to paint. You also need to collect food to get new levels. Collect fuel to earn points. Try to kill and shoot anything that stands your way while always trying to defend yourself. You can upgrade every level, tank, attack force, damage, Armor, health and much more. Join this game now and it becomes your first to show all your skills and climb the banner. I hope you enjoy this game and play many other games on our website. Please enjoy and have fun!


More features will be added without pain.IO soon. Currently, the game is only a beta version and the development team is still working on upgrading and developing features. Let’s calm down and wait for the new ones to come.:

Control :
For the movements of your character, you need to use arrow keys or keys W,A,S,D, while you can shoot at the enemies by using the left mouse button. Try to pick up food and kill the monsters for more experience, and XP.