After a Tweet encrypted on Wednesday, January 10, the Internet predicted something going on in Nintendo, and they seem to be right. A surprise went live in the presentation directly from Nintendo, and you can watch exactly below. The focus is primarily because of the Nintendo switch games out in the first half of the year, and if you want a rundown that reveals all the news and big, you’re in the right place. Here’s everything Nintendo presents today.

The World Ends With You | 2018

The cult that extends to the back catalogue of the Nintendo DS.I’m sorry .I’m sorry . I’m sorry .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . towards the end of the world with you .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . I’m sorry .I’m sorry .I’m sorry . he’s on a new air. The game allows you to choose from touch screen or traditional controls and will include a “large-sized new scenario”.”A specific release date has been announced, but the game will be available sometime this year.

Pokken tournament DX DLC / January 31, March 23

The POKKEN tournament DX is taking some new DLC characters. The DLC paid for the Deluxe battle pack will now be available for purchase and will have two wave content versions. On January 31, wave 1 will bring the new battle character Aegislash along with support Mega rayquaza and Mimikyu set. The second wave, on March 23rd, will introduce the Battle character of Blastoise along with a support set of Mew and celebi. And if you buy the Battle Pack now, you will have immediate access to a new set of Avatar items.

Kirby Star Allies / March 16

Kirby Star was announced on its allies E3, but a new trailer for the game showed a number of new capabilities. The artist and Spiderman change Kirby’s current moveset, and will also be a way to match their abilities when playing with friends and mixed Kirby’s co-op mode. The game will be released on March 16.

Dragon Quest Builders Demo / Now Now

Mincraft-meets-a demo for DQ RPG Nintendo switch is now available. The game is set to release at the end of this month.

Hybrid Warriors Ultimate Edition | Spring 2018

If you were to keep Zelda-themed Mousu game off to try Hyrule Warriors (or just looking for another reason to jump back), chances are: Nintendo switch is a definitive version of the game happening this spring. Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition will include all of the DLC content from both 3DS and Wii U version, including each map, mission, and character. And the new additions to the game include the ability to play on the same screen as co-op, as well as the ability to breathe wild themed costumes for Link and Zelda.

Mario Tennis Aces / Spring 2018

A new Mario tennis game from Developer Camelot-GBA game gold as well as many other Mario sports titles behind the team will make this spring switch. A story mode will be the first Mario tennis game including Mario tennis: GBA Power tour.

YS VIII: Dana Lacrimosa / summer 2018

Since 2017, PS4/Vita / PC RPG will make a break this summer.

Super Mario Odyssey Update / February 2018

Super Mario Odyssey ends with the help of Luigi after the main story Mario Epic will be able to continue The Adventures of the New World. Mario opens access to a competitive balloon world where you can try to hide the balloon for other players to find it async or search for the hidden balloon by other players. You will be able to move up on a global leader board by putting balloons in both difficult-to-find spots and quickly being good at finding hidden balloons.

In addition, the free update will introduce several new snapshot filters as well as three new outfits:

Sunshine shades +outfit (Super Mario Sunshine modeled after))
Musician hats + clothes (to look like one of the new Donk city musicians)))
Knight Armor + Helmet
SNK Heroes Tag Team Frenzy / summer 2018

This new brawler fan service from NIS is heavy, but it should also be pleased with fans of the classic snk fighting series. The battles will focus entirely on the various combat game series female fighters of the SNK. In addition, the combat Neo Geo game Art 2 is available today as a port of Nintendo switch.

Mario + Lords DLC / spring 2018

You’ve been eager to update a list for Mario amazingly difficult + rabbids, the new character Donkey Kong will be available for this spring game. The DLC version of the game introduced co-op and the latest game content last year.

Salary Day 2 / February. 27 2018

On payment day for the Nintendo switch 2 port now has a solid February 27 release date. In addition, we learned that the time-set custom for the portable platform would be a new character. The “Japanese computer whiz” key, named joy, will be available on the first. Here you can see more of the action game in Portable and masaopop modes.

Fe and Celeste | February, January

EA originals is an incubator for indie games types that often can’t see a Publisher like EA, and this year the company highlights Fe. Announced last year, the game now has a February 16th release date. And Celeste, developer Matt makes the games, will switch over on January 25.

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Ice Cream / May 4

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and pokerland tournament keep up with the tradition of Wii U games that get switched ports like DX, Donkey Kong Country: tropical freezing is due out for the transition on May 4. The game adds new playable characters, Funky Kong introduces its own unique twist to the original platforming game.

Dark Spirits Revived / May 25

We know one thing about the gate of the dark souls: it appears on May 25th.