Ladies and gentlemen, turn on your computers or laptops. the ‘ S games section is now better than ever with all-new game-play elements.

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Don’t worry — all the games you know and love are still there and added more. But our virtual arcade is now a new face and sporting user-friendly equipment.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.:


Improved appearance, easier navigation
Stylish, new design is the first thing you’ll notice. Every day, one of our most popular games will be highlighted at the top of the page, along with three recommended selections. Just click on any game you want to try and give a whirl.

The new design makes it easy to find your favorite games. At the top of the screen, a horizontal menu lists all of our game categories, including arcade, card, sports, strategy and vocabulary. Just click to see all the games falling under any category.

The “new games” section will be updated to alert users when the games are added. Popular and trendy games lists will also be included in this section.

You told us you wanted to read the full rules for all the games, so we added it.

We think the new games section offers an easier way to get fun right every day.

Leaderboards, suggestions
But we haven’t just made our games section easier to find and your eyes easier — we’ve made it more fun and engaging.

A new leaderboard to the right of the page displays top scores across the site. Competitive types-you know who you are! – leaderboard, which can be set between a specific game or all games and to display the best scorer of day, week or all time, you’ll love seeing their name.

Depending on the games you are playing, the site offers you additional suggestions. For example, often play “Mahjongg dimensions“, ” Mahjongg toy chest, “” Mahjongg: Anne Jongg “and” Mah Jong garden, “will be offered options such as complete with screenshots, a short synopsis and comments by other players.

Comments, social features
A comment section is yet another brand new addition to AARP games page. All visitors you can read any game comment, but you need to log in with your username — or register for free to get one — if you want to leave a comment.

Our all games site, of course, is still free for everyone, but AARP members get something a little special. AARP members will be able to access additional levels in specific games.

If you love what you’re playing, you can now tell your friends and family that you’re playing. A new option allows you to share game suggestions via email or between dozens of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and others.

So, what are you waiting for? The new AARP games are running and waiting for you. Take your game — and have fun!