Mods Version 1.0 is a popular Multiplayer game where you play as a mighty narwhale trying to get rid of the opponents and rank number 1 on the leaderboard.

In-game features:

  • Fast defense (key W, Alt, Shift)
  • Zoom hacks

Check out mods for using some better features to your advantage. game is a well-known Multiplayer online for now and it gives you a chance to show off your navigating skill. You play as a narwhale trying to kill the opponent narwhales by using your deadly horn. Move around the map carefully, speed up and try to utilize your horn to split the enemies in a half. Try your hardest to kill as many enemies as possible before you get split. Also, you need to rank up on the leaderboard and become the most powerful Narwhale! Mods can be a useful app that the players should utilize for experience helpful features, which will help them get an edge over their opponents. These features are added to the original game. When you install the mods, you can find out new features, tricks, hacks and so on. At the moment, there are only two features added, but just keep patient because more hacks and tricks will be launched in future.