Best tactic in is to improve your skill on maneuvering your Slug and leaving your traps at the right time without wasting points.

*Tip #1 – Try to reach to the populous Orb area before your opponents to get more score.
Cause you have to be big to be able to leave slime traps behind you. Eat as much Orb as possible to grow.
Tip #2 – Don’t go behind your opponents too close. You may not have time to maneuver when your enemy leaves its slime trap.
If you are in no hurry and don’t need to earn points in a short period of time you may use a passive way in That is our next tip.
Tip #3 – Go parallel to the border so you can keep away from others to collect points of Slugs that have already hit the wall. Go parallel to the border
Tip #4 – Don’t approach to a border perpendicularly. Try to start approaching your target from a bit far with a minimum angle, almost parallel. So when you feel like you’re gonna touch the border you can easily rescue with a little counter move.
Tip #5 – Stay around big Slugs. Cause big Slugs have more enemies. Either the big one or its enemies will attack each other some time. If you are around and if you act quick enough you can collect their points. What’s so good about this tactic is you don’t release any trap and your score never drops down. So don’t be surprised if you get
incredibly big all of a sudden. 😉 Stay around big Slugs
Tip #6 – Reach your dead opponents remainings before anyone else. Because they give more points than normal orbs.
If you are huge enough, everybody in the game will try to kill you and get what you earned till now.

Tip #7 – When you get big, surround your enemy with your slime trap so it can’t escape. But you have to think twice while doing this. It won’t worth spending a lot of slime if your enemy won’t give you enough points.

Tip #8 – Since it is an alpha version of there is no map on the screen. (I’m curious about the features of Beta version.) So keep an eye on Leaderboard on top right corner to see if you are a hunt or the hunter. Cause the more score you get, the more you will be chased! Leaderboard
Tip #9 – Keep your cursor close to your Slug to make quick turns. But move it to the farthest when you are following the border line. It will avoid hitting the wall by a mistake.