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Hi Guys,

If you like those newly seen ‘cursor following’ games such as, there is a new player in the arena.’s just gonna stuck you right in front of your monitor.

Althought it is an alpha release now, you can have enough clues about how successful it’s gonna be when the development process ends.

Now let’s get into it! Start Menu

The start menu:

Main screen looks very simple. On a pure claret red background there are pin-like objects flowing around which creates logo.

Under that, on the left, you see “Choose a theme” button that you can choose theme color up to your taste. Skins

When you press the button, color chart extends down to show full color range.

Below you see the “Quality” button.

There are “Low” and “High” options. You can choose “Low” if your graphics card or internet connection causes lag during your play.

In the middle you see an oval space which you will write your nickname. Simple!

“Instructions” consists of two short sentences about the game but you can understand what they say only when you start playing.

So go down a bit and press that pink play button then. 😉

Anyway; before you play, you can choose a server from the “Server List” box on the right or you can leave it on “Random”

There are also “social media” options on top left if you want to “like” or “share” your game in Youtube, Facebook or Twitter. Play Screen

 Play screen:

You pressed the play button and suddenly entered a sliding space full of random dots with a drop-like thing, let’s call it SLUG, in the center. Correct! That’s you. But I won’t tell you about how to play now. That’s another titles topic. 😀

The note icon on top left corner, turns the music on and off during game.

You are lucky! You can read the song’s name and its composer when the music is on.

“Highest score of the day” below shows you the score and the player that you will be chasing.
On bottom left corner of the screen you can see your score and ranking.

When you gain point you will see your current position on the “Leaderboard” box on left top of your screen. “Leaderboard” shows the highest ten scores and players in your recent game. Lag Fix

Now let’s see the differences between high and low options.

In “High” mode there is a large grid on the screen to highlight the direction of your motion especially when there are less or no dots around.

Orbs that you collect to earn points have halo effect looks like a breathing transparent shield.

Maybe not so noticable but there is a little glow around your slug’s tale.

But in “Low” mode you won’t see the grid, halo effect and the glow.


If you wanna learn more about just look for my upcoming “How to play” guide.