Limax io name look awesome? if so,you’re on the right track, I’m about to show you how to implement funny emoticons and symbols like these ones➤⏎✄ into your nickname, and make your cell look awesome instead of plain, you can also use Limax io skin if you are willing to cover your whole cell with an image, I however prefer to use icons more than skins due to the limitless amount of possibilities with text and icons.Adding icons and shapes into your Limax io name is very simple to do, there’s just one thing you’ll need, text icons which you can copy and paste, You can get these from websites like and, or you can find your own by searching for something like… “funny text icons” in your internet browser, my personal favorite is this website has lots of awesome emoticons which look great on your Limax io cell, here’s an image of how it looks…pretty cool right…
HOW TO ADD TEXT ICONS TO YOUR Limax IO NICKNAMEhere’s just a quick 3 step tutorial to clarify the process.

  • 1 – Find a website with text icons.
  • 2 – Copy the text icons you like.
  • 3 – Paste them into your nickname.

Simple right? You can now click on “play as guest” and show your funny Limax io icons to the rest of the world.