Greetings dear visitors. We will provide a brief review to mod which is one of the popular mods of in this article to provide a deeper perstective to the game. As you know was relaeased on March 25, 2015 by the Thorntree Studios. The game managed to take the number one spot in download list in few days in all around the world and many versions of the game published since then. mod is one of these versions of the game which provides some features that the original game does not support. Nick

Firstly, you will not have to re-type your nickname over and over again in since there is a feature that enables you to save your nickname. The goal of the game is the same with the which is eating the foods located on the map with your snake in order to grow and as you grow you earn points which is displayed on the right top of the screen as leaderboard. Your intention in mod is the same; to locate in top 10! Map is only available on computers and will allow you to use your mouse to move. In the event that you are going to play from the laptops we highly recommend you to keep playing with your external mouse. You can speed up by clicking and holding the left button of your mouse so that you can set traps to other people who are playing the game at that time. Mod

You will not be eliminated within the few seconds that you start playing in mod however you will be in danger after this period ends. You should not hit any of your rivals on the map directly with your head otherwise you will be eliminated. When you kill or eliminate someone in the game the player leaves some dots behind him or her and you will be able to grow faster by collecting these dots.

One of the most advantegous features of the mod is, the game allos you to zoom in and zoom out so that you can have a better gameplay experience when you grow too much. We believe that will be the source of fun that you are looking for in order to spend some time whenever you need to.