Knuckol.The club dem is also the ultimate Battle of the connected islands located in mada land 5 miles to test the spirit of warriors from the Ugandan in brodas who also wants to dedicate their lives to the knuckol tribe!You made an attempt to become a powerful warrior, and you started the way to Comanda? rank renown for the powa on the field and the wee commander! Avoid all Spears for dem, instantly kill you, keep away from the cold weather, because it can either save your life or cause you to lose.

The game is very simple itself and your goal is also simple. Every knuckle has a’s used to blow up your enemies like a balloon. So try to survive as long as possible and try to get killed by many opponents. The only special ability available is acceleration. Try to aim in the middle of the the event of a collision, you have a chance to kill him.

Collect color spots for the level, but keep in mind that only Knuckle IO affects your score. This means that each player has an equal chance to win (this is the concept of the core of the btw classic IO game).



It’s not that hard to get on the list. This is a list of skills in the foreground. It may be better than you, but if you say I’m better, then you can get on the list just like me.



If you want to play the game, you can go in the link below and play the game. Don’t be afraid we’re on that site, our sub-foundation. it is the ideal site for you to play the IO games of the organization to which we are affiliated. !!