How to Rank Number One in (Full Detailed)



I was thinking a different concept than and then lucky I found the mod which is much more developed version of I followed the directions to install and activate the version of the game and I have been played the game since day. After hard work I have managed to rank number one on the leaderboard and this is why I have decided to share my experiences as well as tips.

I play the mod from my computer and I do not experience anymore lags just like I did in in my smart phone. First of all I should say that lagging is a great obstacle to be the number one. You will have no chance at all. You can read our article which is directly related with the lagging problems and their solutions for a better game play.

As you know the goal in mod is to grow bigger and bigger. You will be close to number one spot as you grow bigger and all you will have to do is eliminate other snakes and eat the things they leave behind.


Here are some tips to eliminate other players;

1- You have to eat the colorful dots to grow a little bit because we have to maneuver quickly in order to eliminate other players and we have to be big in size for it. Because as you speed up, you lose some of your parts and be smaller.

You can speed up by clicking the left button of the mouse. You need to get close to the other player slowly and then click to speed up. While you speed up you have to perform a quick U turn in order to let the other player hit you. Once he or she may hit you, he or she will be dead in mod.

You cannot speed up while you are in the smaller size. This is why do not get close to other snakes because you will be their food.

2- Try to trap a snake in your circle by turning around yourself and wait until he or she will hit you and die. However you should not let your head to get into the circle. The snake in the circle may be able to eliminate you that is why go over your body.

You should not deal with very smaller ones. Sometimes they may trap and try to eliminate you and you may be mad because of it. In this times, kill them however do not hesitate to eat them.

Because those who see the remainings speed up and come there and many snakes be eliminated because of the chaos. In the event that you are too big then circle the remainings and eat them in this way. Most people believe that players use hacks to grow quickly however it is not possible with any tool or third party software.

3- There is also hitting head to head. The small one in this crash will be eliminated. I could not understand it fully since sometimes I win while I need to be eliminated when I hit to someone bigger than me.

4- In the event that you do not want to eliminate anybody then gather the colorful dots however it will take time to grow in this way. You can also prefer the skins to make your look better to hang out solo to collect the dots.

5- Slither close to the big snakes. They will kill or be killed in the last. Of course the one which it will kill will be great as well. Do not miss the chance. The snakes are generally in the middle of the map. You can see where you are on my as you are the dot on that map.

Try to be in the middle of the map in mod. Of course there are some who are afraid of being food to other snakes, they usually hang out in the edges. They wait people to trap them in the edges.

Be careful and have a nice game!