Want to know how to play Agario with friends? Well, you’ve got two options. The easiest option is to play a new game mode created specifically for players looking to team up. The second option is a little more complicated but will allow you and your friends to play together in FFA (Free for all). Let’s jump into it.


How to play Agario with friends in Party Mode



Agar.io developers have listened to the community and recently added an additional game mode called ‘Party’ which lets groups of players looking to team up fight it out in the Agario arena. Finding the new ‘Party’ mode, however, it is not as easy as you’d expect. To access Party mode:

  • Open Agar.io and you will see a dropdown box that says ‘FFA’ beside the box where you enter your Nick
  • Click the drop down and select ‘Party’ from the menu
  • A new box will appear to the right titled ‘Party’. You will now have the option to either Create or Join a party
  • Click ‘Create’ and you will be given a URL
  • Send the URL to your friend. When they open the URL, they will join the same server as you in a party

That’s it. Now you can play Agario with your friends in a team against other teams.

How to play Free For All (FFA) with friends



Playing Agario with friends in the ‘Team’ game mode is great, but everybody is also in a team.  What if other players didn’t have the advantage of working together? Next, we’ll be teaching you how to play the regular Free For All (FFA) mode with your friends.

  1. Open up Google Chrome and visit Agar.io
  2. In Google Chrome, go to View > Developer > Javascript Console
  3. You will see a line in the console that says “Connecting tows://
  4. Send the server IP to the friend you want to play with.
  5. Have your friend open the Javascript Console on Agar.io and pasteconnect(“ws://“) – replace the red with your server URL from Step 3
  6. Once your friend hits enter, he will now be in the same game of Free For All with you

Now you can play Agario with friends and work as a team against solo players which opens up a lot of opportunities to get big really quick and top the leaderboards. Please note that the server must have room for the second player to join, otherwise you will see an error in your Javascript console.

If you’re having trouble using the method above, drop us a comment in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to try and help you out.