Diepio in A Nutshell

Diepio is an online multiplayer from the developers of Agario (Miniclip) where players are supposed to destroy anything that comes their way. On Diepio, you are the controller of a tank and you have to compete with other players watching for your six. If you are playing Diepio for the first time, you might not even know where that other dude came from and totaled your tank. However, for those who know what Agario is or how to play it, Diepio isn’t going to be a tough guy. Diepio and Agario both have somewhat similar goal of smashing obstacles and getting to the top of the leaderboard.

Upgrading your tanks will provide you with stat points and sure, these points can be used for improving other features of your tank like hit points, health and bullet influence. Class upgrade for tanks are also available at 15, 30 and 45 levels. Remember that changing the class of your tank is really helpful.


Going Viral (Because of Diepio Private Servers)

Diepio game is nothing more than moving a tank around the plane and destroying the enemy tanks. Even a 6-year-old boy can play this game correctly. Keep in mind the game requires lots of gameplay hours but don’t worry thinking that you are gonna have to invest tons of ‘60 minutes’ before mastering the game. In fact, you are going to have lots of instances where you will sit for a quick 10 minutes but by the time you feel like leaving, around 3 hours (you know what I’m saying) … What if you get to play the game any time of the day (anywhere)? Getting your hands on Diepio won’t be a problem since out private servers will let you play the game at all times. You don’t need to worry about network limitations and all those stuffs. When you spend more time playing Diepio, you are sure to ask your friends out for a gameplay. When you challenge your friends, the game turns out to be a matter of kudos. Some thing like… I have scored x in a single play and yours is just y…  Just like you, your friends will also find Diepio very interesting. Diepio game has lots of tips and tricks to help you get started. We want you to learn those cool stuffs.

Diepio Tips and Tricks

New players will find this section really helpful to kick start themselves on Diepio. Did you know that Diepio has no real cheats? It’s an online multiplayer game and cheats are rarely used while playing online. But who says there are no tips that work like cheats? This list is going to be a game changer for you:

  1. How to play Diepio game anywhere? Yeah, you can play the game from each and every corner of the world using our Diepio private servers? Our servers are at the sky (so you can access them from everywhere) for your service (they run 24*7). There won’t be any sort of performance drops or lags while playing the game from private servers.
  2. Destroy anything you see on the screen. Doing this will help you level up faster.
  3. Never miss a shot and become ‘archer of the eyes’. Use your mouse to aim at the obstacles and press LMB (or the space bar) to shoot.
  4. Cautiously move around the map using the arrow keys.
  5. Level up your tanks once the tank level bar is full. Want to fill the bar quick? Keep destroying those obstacles.
  6. Use the stat points carefully. Only upgrade those features which are going to rock.
  7. Choose the class for your tank wisely when you reach level 15. Class adds an exclusive feature to your ride.
  8. Diepio Stats

You have already known about the stats in Diepio, haven’t you? Here a short description about what each of them deal with:

Health Regen– Life retrieval speed.
Max Health– Life bar.
Body Damage– Hit points for crashes.
Bullet Speed– Speed of rounds.
Bullet Penetration– Breaching power of bullets.
Bullet Damage– Overall power of bullets.
Reload– Interval between two consecutive bullets.
Movement Speed– Speed of tank.

Finally, keep on playing, playing and playing. The more you play, the better you will be. But there are too many people who don’t want you to play the game all the time but again, we want you to play whenever (and wherever) you like and that’s why we introduced the Diepio private servers.

Diepio Private Servers and Unblocked Game

Once you are good at Diepio, you won’t be able to help playing the game at your workplace. Wait! Diepio may be blocked on your workplace’s network. What are you going to do in that case? Well, you are about to cheat your boss and play Diepio game via one of our private servers instead of keying up the paper for tomorrow’s business appointment. However, be prepared to get fired if your boss finds you are having good times at office. How about you play during coffee breaks? No one is going to interrupt during those recesses.

What Are Diep.io Private Servers?

Diepio private servers are the gateway to playing Diepio everywhere (round the clock). We won’t bore you by talking about the technical part here. Just think of them as VPN hosts which give you access to Diepio game bypassing the network limitations.

Any Harm to Experience?

Nothing! Not even a single difference between Diepio game you play at the official site and using the private servers. You will get awesome gameplay experience wherever you go. For sure, you must remain connected to the internet while playing the game plus, keep a web browser handy.

Our team is dedicated to making Diepio an ‘easy to get to’ game. Should you have any query about the Diepio private servers, let us know in the comments below. Played Diepio on your work network? Share!