“Diep.io”, “Diepio” If it is a game where you try to kill others with tanks. Very funny game. I love him.
Different tactics to attack the other guy in the tank so that the game is too much.
In addition, there are also tactical warehouse upgrade.

To play the game, Diep.io a username, you need to visit and the type of medium (depending blue circle with a small gray square), you forwarded a familiar looking game grid with a tiny tank.
If experience level, and then in Block must win game to shoot up, squares, triangles and pentagons include color.
fire just click your mouse and space bar to your goal, or tap the left mouse button (alternatively, you can hold down the left mouse or space or for continuous shooting).
Use the arrow keys to move around the grid
If they do not have other shapes or tanks when the tank starts to fill dipstick. up a full time level.
Every time your tank level up your health, bullet speed, get a statistical point of allowing you to add tanks statistics such as penetration – (more on that below), you can upgrade using points it has eight district statistics. You get up from a statistical point for each level until you hit 30.
four are – you can choose which class you want to tank you started if you reach level 15 tank. Each class, just like statistics, (under the tank more about classes) adds a unique element to the game.
Also Features Upgrade

Health Regen – tanks will increase the life recovery rate

Max Health – Increases the maximum life

Body Damage – Increases damage caused by collisions with obstacles or with other players

Bullet Speed – Increases the speed of the bullet

Bullet Penetration – pass the obstacles and players Bullets

Bullet Damage – Increases the damage caused by the bullet

Reload – to decrease the range of bullets

Movement Speed – Increases movement speed tank

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