First of all you will be able to save your nickname in any of the game modes regarding the and in this way you will not have to write down your nickname over and over again whenever you decide to play the game and run the application. So that you will reserve your nickname for all the times and no other players will be able to choose your nickname in mods.

Another feature that mods of the offer is the team play where you can group up with your friends that you know and compete with other people who also created teams. You can compete in the leaderboard as a team and try to rank in the best position. mods can offer you such as similar features that guarantee the fun you get from the game.

These mods are unique game types that are being developed by those who really love a lot to spare some of their times. Since these people do not have any worries about earning money from this job, they try their best to let people have fun. You can try out these modes through our website as well as the original form of the which we are the developer of this well-known game.


Step 1: Clear web browser’s cache.
How to clear the Cache?:

Step 2: Remove all mods and extensions

Step 3: Download/Install Tampermonkey: