Hi there, I’m assuming you’re here to learn how to play agario hunger games right?, well, I’m gonna keep it simple and jump right into the action.

First of aIl, f you want to play agario hunger games you need to download agariomods, agariomods is a modpack for agario which doesn’t only allow you to play agario hunger games, but also allot of other fun gamemodes and extra settings to play along, agariomods is completely legal to use and approved by the agario developers, you can read more about agariomods at my agariomods tutorial.

After the download
you can simply go to agar.io to check how it looks, if it’s installed correctly you’ll see a screen that looks something like the image below, you can now select one of the hunger games servers under the“gamemodes private servers” section and then click on “play as guest” to join the lobby.
















Your game will not start instantly! The lobby needs 12 players and will then automatically start after a 10 seconds countdown, you can see the number of players that joined on the  leaderboard on the top right side of the screen, this will also show you the number of players alive while playing.

The main goal in the hunger games is to eliminate everyone around you while surviving and trying to become the last one standing, the killed players have the choice to respawn in a new game.

The hunger games map is much smaller than the one from agar.io FFA, this makes it easier to find the low number of players within the lobby, there’s also a treat in the center of the map for the players that want to risk it for the extra mass.

Hope it helps, Have fun!