Great Solution To The Problem Of Charging Pokemon Go!
Go Pokemon game came out since about 4 days for the beginning of the outlet we are not leaving. Because the visual effects of game and location-based charge a lot for dinner because of work. Solutions to the problem of how can we bring this charge investigated. Here, the known and unknown solutions

1 – Your Location On Google Maps And Download!
The charging problem first the most important reason for the continuous opening of the map. Thus, both charging and data from the internet goes. This is a very easy solution I have

– “Google Maps ” app to open

– Search and write the part you are located in, e.g.: “istanbul”

– Click in the white space at the bottom,

– On the right side by clicking the download link download.

Make sure you’re on a wifi connection when doing this operation. Because there will be a 100-200 MB Download. This process is now faster and opening your map will allow you to maintain your quota. The map will also not endlessly repeating charge for you consume less.

2. Reduce The Brightness Of The Screen, The Battery Get Into Safe Mode!
These operations are already your hand is doing it automatically. Your battery by lowering the brightness of the screen try to use the most optimum time. Also in-game in the Settings section to help you make better use your phone charge the battery by placing it into Safe Mode.

3. Use Powerbank
So for the rest of your Life by using auxiliary power units powerbank charge 25% can extend. This is also depending on your phone, allow about 1 hour more to go do you play Pokemon? Your route from a short-term guilds or using a charger, your battery full’ you can work to eliminate 🙂