Level 1 :

The picture on the wall you need to press 6 times.


Level 2:

You have to press all the words in the word “escape” and turn green.


Level 3: 

You must key in numeric sequences. “1-2-3-4-5-6 ”


Level 4: 

You must key in every word until you make it green. When you make all the colors green, you will be able to level.


Level 5: 

Read “this x”
. Note the 5xEscape level under the bird.
To spell five words, press.


Level 6 : 

A simple level, in fact, wait for the key to burn green on the wall and quickly press the words that say ” ESCAPE.” When you miss the green light, you have to wait for the green to complete the letters after the green light is on.


Level 7 : 

Every word will turn green. You can use the “escape” keys to make sure that only one color is in the “green” color.


Level 8: 

You need to get the fan on the wall to “8”. After you complete the 8, you will reach the next level.


Level 9 :

You need to leave your cursor completely motionless until you type “escape”. This level is forbidden to move YOUR MOUSE when you tremble.


Level 10:

Read the sign that says” peace.”
Spell the word “peace” by illuminating all the letters in the word “escape”, except the letter s.