Overwatch emphasis on team play classic multiplayer fps formula, that contains the character to a degree the heroes intense, colorful and heartwarming with the visual style has changed a great deal. Easy for beginners to get in, although it is surprisingly tactical depth for advanced players hosting Overwatch, a game which can be enjoyed by people of every skill level probably for this reason.

The most important feature of each game that fits the style of overwatch to submit a character, actually. Thanks to this diversity, for years in FPS games to “low restricted due to aim or reflexes at a level, the game killed the players who were never the target as soon as you enter characters by choosing that do not require anchor (Mercy, Symmetra, Winston, Tornbjorn, Reinhardt) in the game they can be very efficient, or the support or tank heroes can provide an advantage by choosing a assisted game teams with the better team. Overwatch unlike many other fps, the only way to win her is not without aim. Each individual has many roles that can be give to the team.

Review characters one by one leaving another job to guide that can benefit both beginners, both intermediate level players can be skipped for now overwatch that we asked her to list some tips and overwatch very unknown secrets.

1. What is Health? Or Armor? What shield was that?

Health, armor, or shield that were standing between you and death in three different overwatch barrier. Although it is one of the first announced details of the difference between them actually overwatch in the first minutes of the game as is, maybe a lot of people may not be very persistent.

The most important difference between these three is that they; re health and armor will hurt for a while when the shield is not taken on its own can fill up (Mercy is running out of Health, as an exception).

As for the difference between Health with Armor; Armor, we can say that are engineered to withstand losses is higher than that of Health. These two high-damage weapon, I get the same response (such as the rockets or bombs pharah junkrat), however, lead-based weapons in the Armor are more durable.

D. improved health and reducing the armor of VA recently for precisely this reason. Soldier with high Armor such as Tracker or 76 D. VA because lead-based shooter by entering into the vicinity of the character, high damage without taking much damage.


3. The unknown effect of the shield Zarya

Although the shield has 200 HP Zarya hurt, how great the damage to the eternal life that not only gives provides protection for against damage. Zarya Put a shield on yourself or your team mates so you 200 HP from a single attack no damage from large allows you to unsubscribe.

What does this mean? Zarya junkrat team member Zara or protected by rip-the ultimate D. ultimate dash ability or the promise of property does not take any damage from self-destruct. Zarya also hide behind a shielded wall behind the reception and your task will prevent you from getting hurt again and see.


4. Payload Able To Push Back


Another thing that the game hasn’t told you, actually forward of the payload as he goes, he can go back. Even if you don’t go as fast as it went forward to the assault team if the defensive team stops nearby and can take away from the payload, can enable you to move backwards.

5. Payload Heals You

Again, not mentioned by the game heal you if you stand around another important payload. This improvement is a very high healing rate (improvement of Lucio), but if your life is low, find a health pack and you can fill both your lives instead of trying to push the payload.

6. Pay Attention To The Sound!

Overwatch amazing the sound design is one of the most important tactical pieces of the game. Your voice became hoarse, the most important thing you need to know your teammates, although if there’s an enemy around your foot and you heard the gunshots will be much higher. Those who pay attention to those who are less familiar with the game and voices, more footsteps from which direction is the enemy and who can be approached.

Also, another thing that you need to pay attention when they say The Ultimate capabilities of the characters using idioms. If I was on the team opposite you with the same character a different word warns against ultimate on your team, I differ.

For example, if a Soldier on the opposite team I 76 “I’ve got you in my sights when you say” on your team “If activated the tactical Visor,” she says. Thus, the ultimate threat or an opportunity for you whether you can tell.

7. The Jump In Console Issue


Hop on the PC to playing though it’s not too much trouble, the jump command in the console as the default X (PS4) (Xbox one (A) that is assigned to, and when you aim while guiding your character with the right analog stick or both, jumping is not possible.

Genji and Lucio, which is very important especially if you’re playing one of the characters to jump like this we can’t be very successful with the system default. For that reason, and instead assign frequently used controls setting Up the bounce command X-attack is being used as the secondary put.

Lucio Lucio if a player would go through the roof when you do this you will notice how suddenly the quality of your game.


9. Some Hidden Talents


So it comes to special abilities that some characters are not described by the game. For example, Mercy can heal itself. This is enough to avoid taking damage for a while. Even the speed of self-improvement, while improving his teammates is increasing. Also a very unused feature of Mercy in the air to be filtered. Merch in this way, can remain in the air when I flew with him to improve pharah.

Other very unknown feature of the blade result in the death of genji dash you must be able to reuse the result immediately. Thus, the blade can create an opportunity to escape and kill a fleeing enemy, you dash again. Winston’s Ultimate weapon’s and reload the tracer feature recall feature after a full fill, a mine if the mine Junkrat in the air and waiting for the expiration of the property 2. If you can jump up steps twice as much on mine.


10. You Have Unlimited Bullets, Use It!

Unlike similar overwatch multiplayer fps, each character has unlimited bullets. It has plenty of features. So, what does this mean? The perfect angle, wait for the moment. As soon as you see even if the enemy is far away you can shoot. Just reloaded and fire again when you can.

You will see that in characters that have a particularly high accuracy, it could even harm the places where you least expect it you will be able to get her number. Also more power your shot will enable you to quickly fill your ultimate even if it’s not accurate.

Orissa’s an often forgotten truth or the shield of the players that Reinhardt is a monster. A shield so you can destroy the shields as a result of your persistent fever see you have nothing better to do at the moment if you don’t shoot all the power.

10. Bastion Trouble!

In Bastion mode when you see a sentry, immediately get out! Bastion can’t get the remote so accurate. Torrent is handing out the bullets. But if you’re medium or close range Sentry’s field of view at Bastion, it’s probably your last seconds you live.

Therefore, the bastion remotely good against characters who hit the most advantageous characters. Like Hanzo and Widowmaker snipers who, in addition to the Roadhog, Tracker is very effective against characters like genji or Bastion. In seconds you can kill a bastion Deflect genji’s careless with property.


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