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Trivia Crack Answers

If you have not been playing Trivia Crack, you must be living under a rock.

Trivia Crack is the highly addictive and most popular app on smartphones right now.

Since most people have played the game, likely hundreds of times, they know that there are some tough questions on there. Have no fear, there is a way to get all the answers correct, without much effort.

YouTube user ReconFlowJoe found a simple way to cheat in Trivia Crack and you do not have to be an elite hacker to figure it out.

Here’s how Joe did it:

Simply start up a game and spin the wheel. Hit play and prepare for the question. Do not answer the question just yet, though.

Now, exit the app and go to your phone’s settings or however you put your phone into airplane mode. Turn on airplane mode.

Next, go back to the Trivia Crack app and answer the question. If it is wrong, it will show you that it is wrong and give you the right answer. But, do not worry, since you were in airplane mode, Trivia Crack did not record your incorrect answer to the servers and you will get another stab at it.

Now, go back into your settings and turn off airplane mode (putting your data and phone back online). Of course, make sure you also are disabling Wi-Fi.

Finally, go back into Trivia Crack and answer the question correctly (the same answer and category will popup). You can keep doing this simple airplane mode cheat and you will keep getting the answers wrong and then right. Since Trivia Crack needs to be online, by you putting your phone into airplane mode, you are tricking the system.

It is unclear if Trivia Crack has become aware of this cheat, so keep doing it until they figure it out.

If you prefer not to cheat, remember there are lots of ways to study up on trivia and facts. Read more magazines and newspapers and stay in touch with current events and you will be a better Trivia Crack player.

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