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Tips for Playing Limax.io

In this article we will try to provide you some tips which we believe that they can increase your gameplay quality so that you can achieve the ranks you deserve on the limax.io leaderboard. For those who do not know the main logic of limax.io, let us give you brief explanation;

You will have to let other players crash on your traps in order to kill or eliminate them. You can leave traps behind you bu simply clicking on the left button of your mouse. Your snake will speed up as well as leave traps. Once any player will hit to your traps, they will be eliminated and leave some marks behind them. When you will get those marks you will be able to grow faster than you collect the regular colorful points.

The biggest bonus of limax.io is that you can play the game with the help of your mouse which will allow more control on your snake and therefore you will be able to perform better manuvera.

You can speed up by holding the left button of your mouse. You can use your speed to avoid from traps or just go faster than your rival to set traps to in front of him or her. In this way you will force your rivals to hit you as well.

Do not forget that you will be able to grow faster when you eat or get the remaining of the eliminated players. Always go for them even you are not the reason of the elimination. Use every chance you will have to grow faster.

Playing limax.io is quite fun and it is a great way to spend some time when you cannot find anything to do. Do not forget that limax.io offers a great variety in the snake skins.

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