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Stellaris Game Guide

The following, unofficial guide for the game Stellaris from Paradox Interactive contains every necessary information concerning management and growth of a galactic empire. You will find detailed tips for the beginning of the game, its basic premises and mechanics, which will allow you to gain an edge in the space. Guide also explains all the elements of the interface, and points out the aspects which allow for a fluid gameplay.

Guide for Stellaris contains:

  • Advice for creating your own, personalized faction
  • Description of every available faction
  • Chapter “General advice” where you can find tips for every part of the game
  • Tips for beginners, concerning undertaken decisions in the first minutes of the campaign
  • A detailed description of every mechanism in the game
  • Tips concerning empire’s management, planning actions and neutralizing dangers
  • Tips concerning world exploration and development of new technologies

The guide was created for the game version 1.0.0 (9b5a)

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