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Shift Happens

With all of the online multiplayer options available lately for players, we tend to forget who the real ally (and occasional enemy) truly is: the friend sitting right next to us.
Shift Happens,
from indie developer Klonk Games, will offer the means to reunite with our real-world friends on Xbox One in early July.

Shift Happens
follows two characters, Bismo and Plom, who share mass that shifts between the partners. This duo of dynamic sizes travel through four stages that encompass over 40 levels of precision platforming and challenging puzzles. For couch duos who share high goals,
Shift Happens
also features additional objectives, secret areas, and arena-based levels for added challenge.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to team up with a friend you can actually see, read up on
Shift Happens
on the game’s
official website
and check it out in early July!

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