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Minecraft Mobs

Gangs are creatures of Minecraft. A player can change the login behavior, though, and will be able to move their interaction. We usually stay in 4 categories, passive, neutral, hostile (aggressive) and divide the whole gang into the gang boss. However, more divisions, as established players, breakable, gender-strong gang of special sizes and more possible.

Minecraft passive enemies from a great variety of chicken are so rare dragon gang. There are 31 different gangs all except the baby version of Minecraft, tamed version of moment and gangs. Nether End or some specific, though most of these gangs may overworld.

passive gang

Passive mobs attack them even if they are the player, never a player attacks harmless. Passive mobs, especially meat, is used as a source of resources such as leather and feathers.

– Bats
– Rabbits
– Chickens
– Cows
– Mooshrooms
– ocelots
– Pigs
– Sheep
– Squid
– Villagers

neutral mobs

Neutral start in a passive situation of the gang, but in a certain way if provoked players they will be attacked. Each mob is provoked in a different way.

– Endermen
– Wolves
– Zombie Pigments

enemy mobs

The enemy will attack any player in his own special range of the gang. They are also one of them until death or until the player will continue to try to attack players outside the range again.

– Flames
– Cave Spiders
– Creepers
– Ghasts
– Magma Cubes
– Silverfish
– Skeletons
– Mud
– Spiders
– Spider Jockeys
– Zombies

the boss of the gang

though later it applied Minecraft two boss mobs, there currently. Boss mobs and attack is more powerful and moving in certain ways. More mods may have originated through the mob boss, but only one will be spawned per world.

– Ender Dragon
– Wither

Player Created

Players mobs, but not always, can be created by players has created the gangs. Players will follow you like a pet wolf or though mobs will ocelot, created and used as a tool.

– Iron Golem
– Snow Golem

Mob Behavior

Each mob behaves in a certain way, you can act like some other gang, but there are many unique abilities of the gang. Check mafia individual guide for more detailed behavior patterns. Most gangs are no players within 32 blocks them if it does not move. They just need a place to stop and look around. some can be nearly impossible to get all mobs except minecart as ghasts but rare dragon, it can be placed in a minecart.

passive gang

In most cases it will only spawn on grass blocks but passive mobs, there will be 9 and higher light levels. they tend to wander around the place’ve origin of passive mobs, so often found in small groups of the same species. passive mob no longer walk on the grass, look for the nearest grass block and we walked toward him.

night of passive mob will walk towards the light source, or when you are in a dark area. However, we prefer to stay on the lawn of the gang and passive depending on the circumstances, can choose over a light source.

Passive mobs will attack ocelots, except chicken, never one player or the other mob attacks. The passive mob attack, I tried to escape. However, they usually try to escape by running around in circles, so it’s not too difficult to keep attacking them.

neutral mobs

They act as a passive mobs neutral while neutral gang. When they are provoked, refer to the individual manual for more information so that each mob, reacts differently.

enemy mobs

Some, like the mafia just luck or rootstock, very special cases will arise will arise if the enemy light levels at only 8 mobs.

like passive mobs tend to wander around the place of the enemy gang they’ve spawned. However, once a player within its range within 16 blocks of the hostile gang, takes players will try to attack the mafia.

Some hostile mobs, such as skeletons and zombies, and the walls and to overcome them have advanced AI system that allows you to avoid obstacles such as different types of lava pools.

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