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Limax.io Mod

Here we present to you the latest updated Limax.io Mod. This new mod has quite a few interesting features to keep you glued on. Let us take a look.
Updated features in

Zoom In/Out – Mouse scroll down/up Limax.io Zoom Hack
Minimap for current position
Save your nickname.

If you’ve got any other ideas or feature requests for us to add, leave a comment down below.


How to install Limax.io Mod?

Step 1: Clear web browser’s cache.
How to clear the Cache?: https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic#desktop


Step 2: Remove all Limax.io mods and extensions


Step 3: Download/Install Tampermonkey: https://tampermonkey.net/


Step 3: Install Limax.io Mod v1.0 Alpha Beta

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