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Fnaf Q Shadow Of The Flip Side

Fnaf Q Shadow Of The Flipside draws out a parody story centering on robotic characters that appear from Five Nights at Freddy’s game. Although the game hasn’t been released with an official full version, players still can discover it with a beta version. In the game, you will enter a frantic world where there are various animatronics carrying out their awesome performances. There are up to 37 party member, the Velvet room, 3 discrepant endings, 4 pizza restaurants, and a brief summary about animatronics. More epic battles are waiting for players! They can totally destroy all the odd enemies utilizing their abilities. Also, there are some wonderful items in the Velvet room that you can totally buy and grab. Isn’t it a good chance for you to explore the animatronics? It will be easy for you to get the beta version while waiting for the official version. Join now and good luck to you!

Download Fnaf Q Shadow Of The Flipside here


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